Jun 21, 2020
Maria Dermit
1 minute read

How I set up this website

The purpose of this post is to show the simple steps how I created this website using Github, Hugo, Rblogdown and Netfily.

  1. First I create a new repo on my GitHub

  2. Then I downloaded Hugo, a static site generator and got familiar with the way the information is distributed across folders. I also realise how important choosing the right theme for your purpose is. In my case I wanted something simple, although I found the “hugo-academic” being very popular in academia and gives you load of flexibility. I found this and this links particularly useful.

  3. Download Rblogdown package and I genually get to know a bit about about link great project by Yihui Xi.

  4. Use Netlify to deploy the content of the web into the public domain. I followed this

Website is ready to go!